Thursday, September 28, 2006

Field Trip - Montclair

Yesterday I went on a field trip to Modern Yarn in Montclair, NJ. I wanted to get something different for my Have You Any Wool swap partner. I found out about Modern Yarn quite by accident. Some months ago, my family went on a random drive one Sunday and we decided to stop in Montclair. As we were walking around enjoying the shops - restaurants, book stores (yes, plural), novelty shops, antique shops, YARN STORE!! I couldn't believe my good luck. I sent the others along and I went inside. They carry a full line of Morehouse Farm wool and I bought a kit to make a felted tam - I haven't started that project yet :o

This visit was very much intentional. After going inside, I meet Kristine -

who was knitting and helping some customers. After we all exchanged oohs and ahhs about our various finished projects we were wearing or working on, I noticed that one of the women is from my town! That was funny. We knitters get around! As more shoppers arrived, I decided to meander and shop myself -

I couldn't help but to overhear another customer talking about her new line of stitch markers. She even pulled down Vogue's Knit 1 magazine where they feature some of her stuff! Her name is Debra Richlin, go to her web site and check out her stuff! Aren't these clever!
After a while, everyone clears out and Kristine and I began talking about socks. There was a beautiful colorway called Passion Fruit by Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns that I decide to try as my first foray back into sock knitting. Kristine finds me some size 2 needles. After she winds my skeins, we sit down where she kindly demonstrates her starting methods. Whew, look at her hands go!

I had a nice afternoon at Modern Yarn and I've met yet another kindly knitter!


Beatriz said...

Great fieldtrip you nephew is attend Montclair University, so I will definitely keep ModernYarn in mind if we visit him.

sturdygirl said...

i love visiting new yarn shops! sounds like a very friendly store. i like that cabled handbag in the light green yarn.

Deborah said...

The yarn the light green cabled handbag was made from is Lamb's Pride Bulky. Isn't it yummy! That soooo many colors at the store.

Lynn said...

Boy does this look like a beautiful yarn shop!!! And you know I love that sock yarn! Cant wait to see progress on it!

alliesw said...

Oh, what a great day! And I love the photo of those flying sockknitting hands!

Kirsten said...

I went to Modern Yarn with my knitting group last week. I love that store. One of my friends is making that green bag that you posted a photo of. We found the same handles at M&J trimming in NYC. Sounds like you had a great field trip!

Nikki said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. After bookshops, yarn stores are my favourite type of shop to visit.

Mary Anne said...

What a perfect day and a lovely yarn shop!

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