Saturday, September 16, 2006

A serious dilemma

My 15 year old came home last night with these -

His friend couldn't go because of a soccer make up game so he gave it to my son (why don't I have friends with season tickets??)

My husband hadn't come in from work and I had to decide whether to even tell him about these. Imagine my Saturday, I'd get to sit at Yankee Stadium with at least a 2 hour window of knitting! Plenty of sunshine, excitement... But I did the right thing, I gave them to dad.

This is how my soon to be 12 year old felt about it. He so wanted to go too.

... and by the way, this is my September KAL, you are supposed to see an oak leaf in the center. My dishcloths aren't as nice as the ones over at Knitnfool.


Claudia said...

I just posted photos of two dishcloths I made in the same design and sewed them together to make a hot pad. They are so difficult to capture on photo, however. I liked seeing that you did yours in orange, too.

As for those tickets, well, living here in RI, we're Red Sox fans, but heck, we would have loved to see the Yankees. The last time we were in Yankee Stadium was two days before the big 9/11.

Patricia said...

My husband flew to NY for that game. He had great weather and a lot of fun!

Kathy said...

Wow! I am so honored! Your stitching looks great. The design shows up better if you take the picture at an angle, rather than head on. Although we are born and bred in Maryland, my husband is a huge Yankees fan.

Rachel said...

Sounds to me as though you and your younger son are due for a day at the ballpark next season. :)

Anonymous said...

Yankees tix??? I would've LOVED those.