Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dinner diversions, part 2

Ok, so here I am at the supermarket, I only brought $20 bucks with me because one cannot ever go to the supermarket and just get the one thing you went there for. Twenty dollars will force me to limit what I buy. Why $20 dollars, because butter in this part of the world costs nearly 5 bucks!!

As I rush in, I'm in the produce section and what do I see? Plaintains!! It is nearly impossible to get plaintains here, I usually have to go to an ethnic/Caribbean neighborhood which is way far from me soooooo I throw them in my basket. Notice, it's a basket not a cart, more insurance that I won't buy too much stuff.

I know, I know, you see something else in there. Well, that's to deglaze the pan for gravy of course!

I trot over to the dairy section to get the butter and before I get to the butter, there's milk, nope don't need that, there's, there's my favorite yogurt! This stuff is unbelievably smooth and nobody else carries this brand. Gotta get some.

So in the basket they go.

Ok, so now I find the stuff I came here for, butter. The only problem is I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY EVERYTHING IN MY BASKET. I'm looking around waiting for Bob Barker to show up from the Price is Right. Geez, what to put back now, wine costs $12, yogurts are $.99 each and I have how many... butter is $4.99, wait would somebody tell me why organic butter is more expensive? Those cows don't take drugs and we all know how much prescription drugs costs so this butter should be way cheaper than regular butter, right?? What a racket.

Well, looks like I don't have enough, I'll have to put something back. Wait, I look inside my little drivers license pouch and there's $20! I now have $40. My friends over at taught me that trick, to always put $20 in there because you never know when you'll need a little extra dough and we all have had situations when we change purses and forget to put the wallet (with money in it) in the new purse. Oh man, I'm loaded. I can get everything!

I return home, add the butter to my yams and Voila! I have a most delicious candied yams souffle.


Dawn said...

Gotta love those fly lady people! Dinner looks lovely, and so does the yarn :D

Lynn said...

HOrray for finding that extra $20!!! I cant seem to do everything FlyLady suggests, but I do like the 15 min timer. Set the timer for 15 min and tackle whatever needs to be done. She's one smart lady!!
Dont forget to replace the $20!

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

A girl after my own heart. Wine (Coppola's, at that), and a candied yam souffle. Love the pics and seeing how your mind works. Fun...

Beatriz said...

Uuuhhh...Coppola wine. My favorite is Claret Diamond collection, 2002. The 2003 is easier to find though. I have it with roasted tri-tip and a little crumbled bleu cheese. Yum. Great knitting and food pics.