Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Field Trip

My friend Shirley picked me up today and off we went to visit the master knitter in Englewood, NJ. The owner of this store is responsible for the green boucle coat that I've been working on from a pattern she has in her head. It was February when we last saw her, although she has been calling me reminding me of the gazillion dollar stash of wool/mohair boucle from some fancy sheep that I have hidden in my closet.

When we first visited this store, I was overcome with emotion, this is what I saw.

I thought about ice cream and how if I bought one of each of these beauties that I'd get to possess ice cream not just consume it. I know, I know, I'm in trouble...

Shirley doesn't have it as bad as I do. She sat right down and got to work on her project, I wanted to meander and touch and squeeze and check my credit card balances.

The master knitter lady is camera shy, that's her arm there touching Shirley's yarn. We yarn people like to touch yarn.

Shirley wanted to change her pattern because she is into gifting stuff. She's decided that she will give this jacket to her mom but the master knitter lady said that, "I do not make pattern for people I don't see, I have to see person to see what they need." Oh well Shirley, you'll just have to keep your priceless treasure and wear it yourself.

I finished the back of my coat and I've started working on the left front panel. The master knitter lady didn't like my bind off but she said that it will have to do.

Oooh, looky, looky, this is what I found when I meandered. It is silk and wool boucle. I know but it so reminded me of a strawberry creme broule that I had once...

And this is what she looks like after I brought her home. She'll be a scarf in no time.


Julsey said...

Hi Jersey Lady! I guess that store in Englewood will be next on my yarn store tour...haha!

Heidi said...

Oh what a treat to be amongst all those textures and colours! I'm jealous, but happy to live through your experience. Thanks for the pics, very enjoyable read.

sturdygirl said...

ooh, i know exactly what you mean about the ice cream! i agree, the colors of some yarn are a feast for the eyes, whether they ever get knit into something or not! sounds like you had a great trip to the LYS and i look forward to seeing your green jacket come together. :)