Friday, September 22, 2006

Red and Aqua Swap

I'm a little late with mailing out my swap, I hadn't planned for this back thing. But I was way ahead of schedule because when I signed up for the swap I was so excited about having an excuse to buy stuff I wouldn't ordinarily buy, I got it done and boxed and was just waiting for where to send it.

Then, I get my swap buddy - she's Brazilian (cool) and likes felted stuff and clothes. Is there anything in that box that resembles any of that? No! So, I've decided to do this for my buddy -

A small bag that I'll felt. As you can see I'm using Patons Classic Wool and a little bit of Karabella Gossamer leftover from a shawl I made, this will give it a little glitz. I hope it stays sunny outside so I can dry it all day tomorrow. That's right the goal is to finish it today, dry it on Saturday and mail it on Monday. I hope the swap fairies are kind to me when I get my rating! As for the original swap box, I'll have to gift that to someone else. Any takers??


Beatriz said...

Those colors look great together...I think your Red & Aqua swap package will be very appreciated.

Liana said...

How neat to be making something for someone you don't even know! And in red and aqua—very cool idea. Retro, tropical, city hipster—it's all of that. I'm sure your Brazilian swap buddy will love the bag.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I love it with red. Good taste, you!