Thursday, September 07, 2006

Repeat after me, "I will not be manipulated!"

Did you get your Knitters Review newsletter in your email today? Inside are the usually wonderful reviews of yarns and knitting goodies. But, there's an article from Publishers Weekly about, "The End of Yarn?" Actually, the article is about the end of knitting books.

My book stash

Don't get me wrong, I can sit for hours looking through those bookalicious patterns but, owning the books doesn't translate into making the object and if I don't get up and out of the book store and go home to knit, well, I'm just obsessing right?

After reading the article, and thank you to Clara H. Parkes and her Knitter's Review newsletter for bringing it to my attention, I'm reminded of that other warning headline, "Is there a housing bubble?" The real estate market was doing fine until some brainiac economist decided that we should be doing something else with our money. So, all you knitters out there who buy yarn and books, make sure you don't stop because some market analyst decides they want you to do something else with your money and time. Just who would want us all to stop making baby hats and socks and scarves and log cabin blankets and socks and shawls and socks... anyway?


Heidi said...

I won't stop buying knitting books Deborah, in fact I've only just begun (I bought The Knitter's Bible on the weekend). I read that whole article and though I disagree that knitting is a trend that has plateaued, I liked this part best: "One thing is for sure: if the trendiness of knitting someday vanishes, there will remain a committed community of knitter. "Knitting is a way to reconnect with others," says Bernadette Murphy, author of Zen and the Art of Knitting(Adams Media, 2002) and editor of The Knitter's Gift(Adams Media, 2004). "It's a lot different than instant messaging and trolling through MySpace, a lot more genuine."......anyways, I'll do my best to convert all my friends into knitters! ;-)

Patricia said...

That article just proved that we are a fickle society.
There will always be a segment of people that pick up on something, buy the tools, make a couple of things and move on. To those, I say, call me and I'll pay you for you stash and needles, providing that you bought the best. Those types usually do!
Meanwhile, I'll keep clicking my needle and buy books.

Vera said...

I have tons of knitting and crocheting books.

I think the some in the publishing world are wanting to make something else the next "hot, hip thing."

No matter, I'll still be knitting and crocheting regardless of it it's hot ot not.