Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Baby don't got back....

Hey kids, I'm back, minus my back. I pulled something somehow or the earth's barometric pressure is at 'vacuum'. I didn't go to the New York City Knitout that I was obsessing over in previous posts because I wasn't sure if my back would behave on the train. It really hurts when I sit down, stand up or walk which leaves horizontal and mothers know that we are only allowed to be horizontal... well, you get the idea.

Monday I felt worse but I could function. After I got the children off to school, I called my doctor. He suggested steroids, only the second course this month. I thought about a day at the spa instead, except I wondered if I could thoroughly enjoy it feeling this badly so I decided against it. I finally did what any smart knitter would do, I talked it over with the owner of my favorite LYS. As serendipity would have it, she knows a good nerve guy and gave me the name of her neurologist. Oh man, this is the best part where it was confirmed that this was a true celestine prophesy thing - his practice is across the street from the yarn studio where the knit master genius who has my sweater pattern in her head has her store! And, if that's not good enough for you cynics out there who are all rolling your eyes, it is also across the street from this weaving place Loop of the Loom that I've been trying to visit for months now. They boast being able to teach you to weave after 1 session and you get to bring your masterpiece home!

Ok, ok so in my shape all of this is fairly moot since I can barely walk, sit or stand without wanting to scream except screaming would involve expanding my diaphram which would hurt like hell so we don't scream, we just whimper which I hate because mothers are not wimps!

I drive to Englewood to see this neurologist worried now that I might piss off my doctor because I haven't called him to let him know that I'm seeing another man. After a bunch of probing and kneading and reflexing, he prescribes these:

I should have called Cindi, my way cool pharmacist friend and fellow knitter before I took those pills because I gotta tell you, I don't know how Russ gets out of bed on this crap (but it does explain why he doesn't have a clue). Ain't no way anybody can function the day after and the day during you are on these drugs. If this is what I have to feel like just to get rid of excruciating pain, I'll take the pain.

Well, I'm off to get my MRI - film at 11.


Kirsten said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

craftybernie said...

Oh dear! I've been on tramadol - at one stage I was taking 8 a day just to cope with pain. But you're right, it's impossible to function. I think I slept, got up and dressed and fed daughter, slept some more, got up and fed daughter after school, and slept some more.

I don't take them anymore. Instead I use a transdermal patch you change every 3 days. Much better. Easier on the digestion. I only sleep for about 1 hour during the day (if necessary). I can have a conversation and my concentration levels have improved.

Pain is a 'pain'. But sometimes you need a break from it. Hope you're feeling better now.

Jennifer Coomer said...

alright, this is weird. we both get our drugs from cvs. i even have a similar picture on my blog.