Sunday, September 03, 2006

And suddenly there was sun

Feeling really lazy this morning after such a harrowing night, I went straight to the Farmer's Market to find the last of summer's peaches.

There are usually a few desperate customers who feel that a famine is due and there'll be nothing left if they don't get first crack at the table. Notice those elbows, very effective with keeping other's at bay!

I have a community garden plot where I grow my own tomatoes. It is pointless to grow anything else there besides a flower cutting garden because of the bunnies (the dang bunnies!). I suspect they are the very same bunnies that ran me out of my own garden after they teamed up with a few gophers and woodchucks and ate every lily, hosta and petunia in site. They don't seem to like this darling -

The day is glorious, lots of sunshine, no humidity and just perfect. I guess I'll have to pick up a rake eventually and begin the cleanup, but for now - I'll knit, eat peaches and look at the sunshine!

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