Monday, September 25, 2006

Busy Monday Morning

Well, I'm back on my feet. I still feel a bit sore about the midsection, the doc suggests that I take alleve. I've never taken that before, I hope it doesn't give me heart valve problems! Next week I go for more nureological tests before they decide what to do with me.

This morning my gardening group will pull out all of the summer flowers over at our town's library and put in mums. While change of seasons can be joyful, I always find this activity - pulling summer flowers- to be a bit sad. The mums are a nice consolation but saying goodbye to the delicate petals of petunias and impatients makes me a bit melancholic.

In my garden, I wait until the very last opportunity, when after the season sends messages to the flowers and they willingly go to bed themselves, slowing fading and falling off to sleep..

After that I zoom over to a library committee meeting to discuss the programs for the upcoming year. In previous years we planned an American Girl fashion show, March Madness basketball festival featuring games and sports authors, poetry readings, film festivals, Harry Potter breakfasts and many other book related activities.

This afternoon, I race off to the post office to mail off my aqua/red swap that I finished overnight (yes I found my double pointed needles!). Pictures coming. I've also gone and registered with several other swaps - Secret Sister Swap, What's in a Purse swap... these are the inexpensive and effortless fun aspects to being part of this crafty blogging community! You should join one, go to and check out the choices and sign up!


Stephanie said...

I love your washcloth --- great colors!

Jennifer Coomer said...

i love whatever that is with the soap. A washcloth...or as we say down here in The South, a "warshrag"? Love the yarn. What is it?

Kathy said...

Your dishcloths and the pictures of them are looking great! Hope you are feeling better. You are in my prayers.