Saturday, September 23, 2006

Making up for lost time...

...knitting time that is, I've had plenty of other time since my driving, cooking, cleaning and other tasks done in the 'vertical' position have been put on hold. I've missed messing over my gazillion knitting projects though. But, I've kept on schedule with my aqua/red swap bag.
Here's were I am -

Finished this portion around 9pm.

Added the ruffled top at about 11pm (It's Friday night, no John Stewart to divert my attention). It's now ready for felting but I don't think the weather will cooperate, cold and damp today - I might have to take a bit of a risk and put it in the dryer for a spell.

I couldn't finish the icord strap, I couldn't find my double pointed needles anywhere. Bummer. So I did this instead...

This washcloth thing is really addictive. My photographs of them aren't as nice as Dish Cloths Galore or as I mentioned before, Knitn Fool's but they are instant gratification projects that you get to use immediately and everyday.

At about 12:30, I decided to read. These are the two books I'm enjoying right now.

Barbara's book reads like a conversation. Taking pictures for the blog is only one of the challenges with maintaining this thing, being able to write somewhat cogently (am I??) requires lots of practice.


AlisonH said...

Love your blog! Good luck with the MRI results. Mine proved I do have a brain, kids' potential snarky comments notwithstanding (actually, they were very nice about it.)

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

You are so sweet to post a photo of my book cover!

Funny what you say about it reads like a conversation--and very astute.

I actually wrote it because an adult student who was always inspired in class but couldn't get inspired at home asked jokingly if I would go home with her. I said no, but I will write a book for you. So it began as a conversation--to her and to all of my students who lacked inspiration at home.

Jennifer Coomer said...

Okay, found the type of yarn. Should have know-good ol' Sugar and Cream. And I've even seen that color of yarn. It's even prettier all knitted up.