Monday, September 04, 2006

A gift basket for Joyce

My friend Joyce had to cancel our lunch play date because she wasn't feeling well. I decided to send her my first gifted dishcloth (I prefer to use them as facecloths but that's just me). I've only been knitting 'facecloths' since early August. Before that, I thought they were kinda silly. Then, I 'came out' when I showed my knitting buddy Phyllis one I was finishing up. I've been a convert ever since I used one in the bath - what luxury (yes, I'm easy to please).

In Joyce's box I put some sweet hand milled lavender soap, a peaches n cream facecloth knitted in a heart pattern, and my favorite dialogue novel, Little Scarlet by Walter Mosely. I hope it cheers her up.


Beatriz said...

What a thoughtful gift. And facecloths sound like a great way to gently exfoliate.

Sally McCartin said...

I sent your blog along to WM himself so he could see his jacket nestled in amongst the bath items and the luscious cloth!

I finally finished a sweater I had been working on for a while--it was all done except for the sewing which I hate doing. I spent the night Saturday night with power and terrified of the trees all around my house!

Claudia said...

What a wonderful gift! You're a very good friend.

I also love using my "dishcloths" as face cloths. They are so soft and yet they clean very well. I have one that I've been using on my dishes, too, and it works really well! I just made my first kitchen towel, too, and I'm learning just how useful knitting really can be!