Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dinner diversions, part 1

I have to tell you about dinner. It started out innocently enough, you know, plan a meal, cook a meal. The usual interruptions with the telephone and homework questions - my soon to be 12 year old, "mom, how do you spell innocent?" and from my 17 year old who is studying psychology, "mom, what is the meaning of innocence?" and from my 15 year old who is in an honors history class, "was Nixon innocent?" Geez, someone please pass the zolof, I just want to get dinner done already before midnight so I can innocently knit!

Staring at me is what looks to be a bushel of peaches waiting to be peeled. I bought them at the farmer's market, I really overdid it.

I'll never get to peel all of them tonight and I've gotta do it tonight because this is surely the last of the load, they are already soft.

I also bought string beans because my string bean crop at the community garden I "sometimes tend" got eaten away by bunnies (yes, the dang bunnies).

I love potato salad, so I bought potatoes and, just in case we don't get enough starch for dinner, I bought yams.

The problem with potato salad, for me anyway, is the boiling time, it's like a crap shoot - sometimes I boil them too long and sometimes it's not long enough. I think I ruined this batch.

The yams came out perfectly

Except for one thing, THERE'S NO BUTTER!! Yites, it is already 7:30 and if I run out for butter dinner is gonna be, well supper. Off to the supermarket I go.

(Blogger won't let me upload any more pictures, so I'll save the last part of my dinner fiasco for a later post, chow for now.)

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Lynn said...

Oh this looks so yummy!! and I was LOL at all the children interuptions. I can SOOO relate!